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Imagery Collection

Have a project requiring high resolution, geo-specific imagery or terrain? Swift Radioplanes specializes in large area¬†photomapping in addition to manufacturing the Lynx UAS. As a 333 Exemption holder, Swift Radioplanes can conduct commercial UAS operations throughout the United States. Swift’s flight crews are manned aviation pilots in addition to having years of UAS operations experience.

Leveraging the capabilities of the Lynx allows large areas to be mapped without sacrificing resolution. Last year’s average job size was 6-10 sq km, all the way up to 65 sq km.

Past Projects

  • Military bombing ranges for simulations and virtual training
  • Golf courses for simulations and real estate
  • Quarries for volumetrics
  • Precision agriculture
  • Terrain mapping for slope and flow visualization
  • Ground control point accuracy validation

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