Lynx UAS

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Lynx M

Lynx is a small UAS designed for aerial mapping and surveys. A flight time of three hours is industry leading and allows areas up to 8 sq km (almost 2,000 acres) to be mapped in a single flight.  Lynx’s design is simple, and its Kevlar construction is extremely durable. Flying from confined areas is possible with a hand launch takeoff and vertical deep-stall landing.

Key Features

  • 3 hour flight time
  • Swappable camera payloads
  • Hand launch takeoff
  • Vertical deep-stall landing
  • Autonomous navigation, takeoff, and landing
  • In-flight failsafes
  • Throttle safety key and takeoff button
  • Tool-less assembly with break away components
  • Hybrid foam/Kevlar construction
  • Electric propulsion

Lynx has been designed from the ground up as a mapping UAS. It is a handcrafted system and built from top quality materials. Each aircraft is flight tested before completion.

Takeoff and Landing

Lynx is hand-launched and recovered by deep-stall. A deep-stall is a stable, near-vertical landing method that requires far less space than a normal belly land. To land, Lynx is intentionally stalled at specified location and descends down with the wing essentially producing drag instead of lift. The landing is steerable during the deep-stall, and the process can even be aborted to resume flying. To minimize damage, the wings and tail separate from the fuselage upon impact. In extraordinary landings, certain breakaway parts are designed to fail: these parts can be swapped in the field with simple tools. Spares of breakaway parts are included with each system.

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Autopilot and Navigation

Lynx utilizes the Pixhawk autopilot complete with GPS, magnetometer, IMU, airspeed sensor, and telemetry radios. An RC receiver works alongside the autopilot if manual control is desired.

Lynx’s flight modes can be completely autonomous – including takeoff and landing – autopilot assisted, or manual. Lynx is controlled by the ground control station software (GCS) running on a Windows laptop or tablet.

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Lynx supports a variety of swappable cameras:

  • 24 MP Sony a5100 with APS-C sensor
  • 36 MP Sony a7R with full frame sensor
  • 5 channel MicaSense RedEdge multispectral camera (Blue, green, red, red edge, near IR – narrowband)

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What’s Included

  • Flight tested Lynx M with autopilot and sensors
    • GPS, IMU, barometer, compass, airspeed sensor, battery voltage sensor
  • Ground control station software
  • SwiftTag image geo-tagging software
  • Camera payload
  • Telemetry radios
  • Handheld transmitter/controller (for safety pilot)
  • Flight battery
  • 250 watt battery charger & power supply
  • Tool kit
  • Spares kit
  • Checklist & manual
  • Transport cases
    • Flight case and battery charger kit

Users will need a windows laptop or tablet and image processing software.


  • Weight:  3.2 – 3.8 kg
  • Wingspan:  2.3 m
  • Endurance:  3 hours with 24 MP payload
  • Powerplant:  Electric motor
  • Flight Controller:  Pixhawk/APM:Plane
  • Takeoff:  Hand launch
  • Landing:  Deep-stall
  • Wind Limit:  46 km/hr (25 knots)
  • Telemetry Range:  5 km
  • Telemetry Freq:  915 MHz
  • RC Freq (safety pilot):  2.4 Ghz


Lynx’s fuselage is comprised of extremely tough Kevlar wrapped around an impact resistant foam core. This unique construction results in a lightweight yet robust airframe. Additional crash pads protect the underside of the fuselage from impacts. The three-piece wing is quick to assemble and perfect for transport. The wings feature a distinct polyhedral that aids flight stability and requires no ailerons. As such, Lynx has only three moving parts.

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Lynx M packs down into two rugged and waterproof cases.  One case holds everything needed to fly: the aircraft, handheld transmitter, tools & spares, and space for an extra battery. The second case holds the flight battery charger & power supply, camera battery charger, and transmitter charger. Both cases can be checked on an airline and both fit into the trunk of a car.

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Pricing & Availability

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