Lynx UAS and MetaVR Visuals in UAS Simulation Lab at Mohawk Valley Community College

Field training at MVCC on the Lynx UAS. Training provided by Swift Radioplanes in August 2016. Photo courtesy of Brian Judycki at MVCC.

Starting this fall, Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) Utica, NY, campus will use MetaVR’s visuals and a donated small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in its new UAS simulation and training lab. Earlier this year, MVCC purchased 6 VRSG licenses and 6 Battlespace Simulations’ (BSI’s) Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) licenses for desktop pilot and sensor operator training stations in the new lab, which will be unveiled in the fall 2016 curriculum. As part of the software delivery, MetaVR has donated to MVCC a [Lynx UAS], a portable UAS used for imagery collection.

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