Example 1: 1.6 cm resolution imagery collected with the Lynx. Flown at 400 ft AGL. Collected, processed, and hosted by Swift Radioplanes.





Example 2: 6 cm resolution imagery collected with the Lynx with DEM layer. Flown at 1000 ft AGL. Area covered is roughly 4 km². The imagery was collected by Swift Radioplanes and donated to aid Philippine relief efforts after Typhoon Haiyan.

View the processing report here (16 MB PDF).


Example 3: Real-time video recorded in MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator of synthetic 3D terrain built with 1-inch imagery collected by Swift Radioplanes.

Example 4: MetaVR VRSG Provides Visuals for JTAC Simulation Training at SOTACC. Imagery and control collected by Swift.